16th European Open Championships


Dear BC'S and DOP'S, Please find in attachment the new upgrade for the schedule of European Open Championship from Bucharest.

I would like to let you know the distribution on countries on November 24th at the official hotel (Rin Grand Hotel) for registration, as follows:

Roma Hall


2. France

3. Romania

4. Spain

5. Ukraina

6. Czech Republic

Florenta Hall

1. Poland

2. Italy

3. Hungary

4. Belgium

Milano Hall

1. Belarus

2. Slovakia

3. Moldova

4. Armenia

5. Itan

6. Algeria

7. Russia

8. Kazakhtan

All the halls are at the 12th floor. Also the mouth guard for 14-17 years old is not obligatory.

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Сегодня: 07.03.2021


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