2020 Honbu Winter Camp


The annual winter camp of IKO Honbu was held from January 4th thru 6th at the Mt. Mitsumine Shrine in Saitama, Japan. Kancho Shokei Matsui, Shihan Yuzo Goda, domestic and oversea Branch Chiefs, 12th World champion Mikio Ueda, along with Men, Youth, Women and Senior's a total of 120 members participated.

The camp started with all participants paying respect to Sosai's monument followed by special training conducted by Kancho Matsui. The training started with warming up, 1000 strikes and kicks in Kihon & Ido. Kancho explained all aspect of karate including the techniques and use and movements of the body, tactical way of thinking. It followed by Kancho's lecture at night which included overview of 2019, upcoming 2020 events. At the Q&A session he talked of episodes when he was still active as a fighter.

The second day started with early morning training a Shinto prayer and paying respect to Sosai's monument followed by the 22km marathon. A Dan test was held at the same time as the marathon and at night there were skits. In the final day, participants trained early morning and a Shinto prayer then walked down the mountain and did the traditional "Water Fall" training to finish the 3-day camp.


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